(Digital Signature Certificate, e-Token and Vendor Registration Details)

Ever since man learned to cultivate farmland clouded related questions. These questions sometimes simple and sometimes in complex, sometimes amicably, panels disposed janapada of powerful people, and lands like a democracy ritenikala thatasamayajata win was its owner, established states. Badalama agricultural crops for land tatharaksana people began to take part. Some people buy land and give others a way to mitigate bhagaleta crops, farmer cukvato revenue. This method has been implemented over the years, much of jemamupajamanthi levoke amount of revenue that is not related to any standards.

To participate in the E-tendering process of the RDG, the Vendor has to register with Revenue Department Gujarat through a Digital Signature Certificate, For enrolment details, Please Download Digital Certificate Form or Apply for Digital Signature Certificate.

   Class - 2 / 3 Ind. Form
   Class - 2 / 3 Org. Form
   Class - 2 / 3 Foreign Ind. Form
   Class - 2 / 3 Foreign Org. Form

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