Kulgoan Badlapur Muncipal Co-operation (KBMC)

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Before 1983, Badlapur Municipal Council was a separate Gram Panchayat surrounded by twelve villages: - Sonivali, Eranjad, Valivali, Manjarli, Badlapurgaon, Shirgaon, Katrap, Jeweli, Kharvai, Mankivali, Kulgaon, and Belavali. On 2 October 1983, Badlapur GramPanchayat became a Municipal Corporation as part of Kalyan- Dombivali - Ambernath and Badlapur Municipal Corporation. But the formation of the corporation was geographically improper as Ulhasnagar, which falls in between the said councils, was set aside.

To participate in the E-tendering process of the KBMC, the Vendor has to register with Kulgoan Badlapur Muncipal Co-operation through a Digital Signature Certificate, For enrolment details, Please Download Digital Certificate Form or Apply for Digital Signature Certificate.

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   Class - 2 / 3 Foreign Org. Form

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