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Civil Hospital Ahmedabad (CHA)
(Digital Signature Certificate, e-Token and Vendor Registration Details)

True service to mankind is service to God. Particularly for those who are poor, diseased and helpless. Government health institutions are like an oasis in the desert which work for this noble cause. They provide medical services to ailing, diseased & suffering people, free of charge. Civil Hospital has a grand heritage and vast history spanning over 160 years of its service to the patients, since its inception in 1841.Earlier it was located at The Collector’s Office, Ghee Kanta.To meet with the needs of increasing population and patients, expansion was needed.

To participate in the E-tendering process of the CHA, the Vendor has to register with Civil Hospital Ahmedabad through a Digital Signature Certificate, For enrolment details, Please Download Digital Certificate Form or Apply for Digital Signature Certificate.

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